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Anima - The Spiritual Frame ( Alt. Skills Update )


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Hi again! 

i'm here to show my new idea of a female spiritual warframe :)



While the other fellow Tenno spilled enemy's blood to keep the balance in solar system, there was a one Tenno who found a balance in herself before keeping it around her...


It started at some Orokin Derelict vessel...

There was a person Lotus asked to find.

walking through rooms full with nauseous stench and corrupted corpses they found a room that wasn't destroyed by infested, it looked like shrine...

squad passed through a little hallway..


and then they heared a woman's voice, it sounded familiar...


''i see you made it to my temple'' woman said 


they came closer to the source of the voice and saw a woman, meditating

seems she wasn't worried about the all corrupt around her...


Lotus claimed '' That's her, take her to extraction''


Meet the Anima !!!



Anima - Spirit in latin language








Anima is the one of the Tenno, who found a balance in herself...

She uses the ancient spirits to assist us...

don't underestimate her, Tenno



Skill 1 : Reflecting Aura


Anima  calls the force of spirits to protect her or her allies absorbing 40/50/60 % damage and reflects it for 10/15/20 % of damage dealt ( if targets an ally, protects him if not on ally, protects herself )


Skill 2 : Target 


Anima marks 1/3/5 enemies which becames a target for other enemies, but when marked one kills non-marked, mark jumps to other target for 10/15/20 seconds (smth between loki's decoy and nyx's one skill not sure which )


Skill 3 : Charged Purge


Anima Sends a divine charge which overloads one allies shields, when they are overcharged for 20/30/50 % of allies shield ( shield 100 -> rises to 120/130/150) shield depletes to zero and explodes which stuns enemies for 1/2/3 seconds and dealing damage to 20/30/50 % of allies shield capacity and increases targeted allies shield recharge rate for 10/20/30 %


Skill 4 : Call of The Mighty 


Anima calls two ancient spirits to aid her in battle, they are mobs with 500/1000/1500 HP and 30/50/60 armor , fighting with enemies near Anima, but all the damage Anima gets, is channeled between those spirits.


Duration - 15/20/30 seconds or until death




Skill 2 : Spiritual Vampire


Anima links 1/2/3 enemies which Anima uses them as a source of energy by draining shields and health when its required to keep Anima alive.


Skill 3 : Sanctified body

Anima imbues herself and 1/2/3 allies with sanctified strength which increases their stamina, melee attack speed and jumping height for 15/20/30 seconds


Skill 4 : Pain share

Anima creates a link between all of her allies which channels all damage from one allie to other 3 and splits it between them in this phase bleeding out time is increased by 3/5/7 seconds and shield recharge rate is increased by 15/30/50 %



If this topic gets many views, i'll consider making artwork for Anima


P.S Sorry for my grammar because English isn't my first language :)

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