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Cant Melee


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This is random and rare bug. happen to me twice since melee 2.0 came out.

cant melee after some action. maybe this happen after my quick reaction gameplay rolling blocking parrying cast radial blind. then i realize i cannot melee. click melee button nothing happen. my frame doesnt do melee attack.


Animation and Art bug too. my graphic card is fine.


still can block. weapon still in my back. but can block. lol.

the hand on the left should borrowing the fragor. but the fragor still sheeted in the back.

cast radial blind:




make my fragor goes to my back again while melee weapon is equiped. CANNOT MELEE





climbing ceiling:


make fragor attached back to my left hand but cant still do melee and buggy melee camera.


in the end i cant melee i dun eq any gun, so i must abort the alert mission so annoying.

bug reported. please make attention to it.


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