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Jesters Compilation of Ideas


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General Thoughts:

-On the loading screen it would be nice for it to tell you what mission/type/race you were going into (Especially if someone else has chosen the mission, or there is a misunderstanding on voting).

-Addtionally on the loading screen it would be nice to have different background pictures rather than the current very familiar (Screenshot of the level you are loading? A nice render of some planets?).

-In the unlock tree for warframes when getting 'boosts' for already unlocked abilities there is no tool tip displaying what upgrading the ability actually does.

-For weapons tree it would be nice to have a 'reduce recoil' on certain weapons.

-The Lex pistol for example has huge kick back, yet it doesn't sound very powerful and a few other weapons don't have that awesome feeling when shooting them (I'm a badass feeling).

-The menu/lobby UI is too saturated, and somewhat cheesy when compared to the art style of the game, something a bit more serious and dark would suit the atmosphere you get when playing.

-Being able to rotate the camera in the lobby menu with right click dragging would be nice.

-More work on the 2D maps when selecting a mission? (Actual images replacing the blue/yellow circles to give the locations more character) They seem like random areas of space with random names for no reason other than to get the mission system working?

-Currency doesn't make much sense right now, it flies out of lockers at you and random containers, it's also on certain enemies, even the robots, you also get it in huge quantities... It would be quite imerssive for every enemy to have a 'bounty' or 'value' to their life, that when you kill it's split amoung your squad. I mean you already feel like a bounty hunter/assassin/ninja so it would make perfect sense to be claiming reward for each kill (Bigger guys have better reward).

-The current pop ups for items picked up is very hard to read when there is a lot going on, moving it to one of the sides of the screen would allow you to read it better (Above your gun so the eye doesn't have to focus everywhere).

-When jumping up low to the floor objects you can slide through the floor before pulling yourself ontop of something you could have stepped on (Very silly).

-The solar system lobby map feels very low fidelity compared to the rest of the game, getting some concept art, static renders or just generally improved graphics could help this lots!


More gameplay focused:

-Stealth attacks (silent killing, backstabs and the liking) would be awesome, although somehow I think they are intended anyway due to the alert system.

-More jump puzzles in the game and general terrain navigation.

-More interacting with environments (Water on floor, volt shoots it, electrocutes people, more destructables?).

Basically the choice of more options for enagements: Bio lab tube, get enemy to run underneath it, then you shoot the glass and acid poors on them. Lure enemies under a water dispenser, shoot it and then eletrocute the water. Shoot objects to fall on top of enemies. Shoot panels to gain access to different areas. etc...

-More environments, and perhaps higher detail in procedual generation (The mesh for a room is the same through out the game regardless of how the map was generated, gets very samey fast).

Perhaps a ship environment for each of the races, and one even possibly for you own race for defense missions?.

Would love to see more types of environments too, landing on an asteroid? A mining facility? A planetary facility? Perhaps a small city? A moon with little gravity and harsh lighting?

-Im sure there will be more warframes, but when I am playing I still don't completely feel unique enough when compared to other people. Warframe passive traits would help this (Ash is more agile and faster than normal, rhino does more default melee damage and has more health, loki perhaps is weaker but powers are stronger? Etc)

There could also be more visual differences between suits that would enable more distinguishable characters.

-So we only have weapon and warframe trees in which content is based around. More of this would be great, suit/body implants to craft/buy/loot, perhaps certain armors or accessories that could aid (More ammo capacity fit a belt, certain vision optics to see certain enemies easier to perhaps avoid potential civilian casualities or perhaps to see when they are in the dark, a salvage component that you can fit to enable additional looting on missions).

- 4 player coop is a great foundation, PvP would be nice but hard to get right. What about larger numbers? This game is already heavily optimised in terms of graphics (Perhaps not network) but it would be great to get some tenno invasions going on where more than 8 people could participate in the same mission.

-Split teams up to do 2 different objectives that relate to each other for the end goal. Or even still allow what other teams do to effect your solar system map.


Additional Features:

-I am dying to see a exterior environment, perhaps something planetary.

-I love the idea mentioned by "Thorkoal", or at least my understanding of his idea elaborated:

Instead of the lobby being the galaxy map have the lobby being on your ship, walking around, if you have a squad you are all on the same ship within proximity and can talk.

You could then have a seperate room or teminal for each of the menu options, the foundry crafting station could be some sort of big contraption in the middle of it's own room.

Armory or arsenal could have it's own room with a shooting range to try before you buy weapons and other content.

Then general other asthetic added rooms, such as: a cargo hold, stasis chamers, life support, engine/power core room, bridge/cockpit, maintenance room etc.

-The idea and the knowing feeling that you have something crafting and it is going to take a long period of time is an awesome feeling and one that makes you come back to the game. More features with this implimentation is huge win.

Suggestions: Progression through the mission system enough and eventually you have to invade a take over a mining complex, once completed this mining complex will give you a small trickle of resources, you would set what type of resource you want it to get and off it goes and gets it (The rarer the resource the longer it takes).

In order for you to generate more than 1 type of resource you will have to obtain at least 1 of that given resource in the game in which you would have to sacrafice it to the mine in order to unlock the potential for getting more.

-More emphesis on the progression of the game and keeping the game 'fresh', once achieving a certain rank overall you become recognised among other Tenno and start to gain power, you get a small squad under you name and you get to send them out on missions for you in which it would very much play like the assassins in brotherhood, or the pirates in oblivion. It would be purely text base with perhaps the option to see them on your ship.

-The way missions are now, there has to be an end... And what happens in this story once you have reached the end? You keep repeating the same missions until new content is released by the devs?

Realtime territory conquering would work wonders here, where the players will actively fight in areas to gain influence over the area and capture the territory. It would keep the game fresh and busy.

And because of the 3 released factions it would never be an even fight... the only thing breaking this is it's then AI vs Players for control over the solar system, it would work much better if there was Player factions Vs each other.

-With increased currency income you would need more sink holes in order to keep the content balance up, upgrade your ship? Upgrade your mine? Invest money into the Tenno's foundation and help it grow? Have more construction in the game?


I hope I have given some food for thought, perhaps.

Would be great to get a reply from a dev just to say he/she has read it so I know my time and/or post hasn't been wasted! :)

And with that, I would like to end with. You guys have got an amazing foundation to build off, you could go in almost any direction you wanted to, best of luck hoping it all goes smooth and you make lots of money to make more games like this!

I really hope this game doesn't add 2 more maps, 10 more warframe, 10 more guns and then call it done and onto the next game like 90% of other developers.

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I like many of the idea's here, except PVP, I will be honest I am heavily refreshed to see a game with no PVP, we have had nothing but PVP bashed into our games for years now (short F2P list of PVP bashers, LOL, DOTA 2, Planetside 2, HON, Battlefield Heroes, and so on and so forth).

short speal, we are the Tenno we are brothers we do not fight amidst each other. but I do like the idea of a AI vs Player conquest, on a large map with many dots, like a spacemap of 400 different points in space with a meta-game bonus in each for the ones we control.

E.G. Capture Alpha Mine (All Tenno get a 20% boost to resources found), that would motivate us as a whole to control, and guard the area's and give room for dynamic battles, and you could as the OP stated have a ship and you are set in orbit around a owned area so if it is attacked you are given the options to fight or flee.

It would go with the basis of the story you are creating while leaving the details to us, we create the story of how we conquered at the Alpha Mine, and how the grineer where forced back to Earth only being able to seep out when we miss a step. We would create our own lore based on the players who have faced the hordes of corpus bots alone holding back thier grasps on our trading posts.

Give us a universe, and we will give you legends!

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Pvp would be hard to get right, especially with so many diverse warframes. I agree I don't really think it would completely fit but PvP = infinate replayability.

Keeps you on your toes.

If PvP was implimented the only way I would see it working is if you played as the foot soliders of the 'Corpus' faction.

It would then have progression of it's own and open up lots of possibilities.

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