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[Fan Fiction][Multi-Part] Lost And Found Series


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Part 1: Drifting

I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen the sun. Hell, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen anything except black. A cryopod, iced over from the bitter cold of space floated silently through the empty void that had been its home for the past century. Inside it harbored a man, dressed in an one piece outfit made from tight-fitting spandex that cut off at the upper arm and thigh. How long has it been since I’ve been able to think for myself, and for that matter how did I even end up here in the first place? Continuing with this fit of questions flooding into my mind, I don’t even know where here is.

The cryopod kept moving along through the endless vastness; no sounds were heard and nothing changed. It was clear that wherever here was, I was alone. Occasionally, I recall trying to move any part of my body with no avail. The only things I had use of were my mind and my eyes, and let me tell you a few months locked inside a box with no one but yourself to talk to, and the sun periodically bursting down the doors of my eyes by flashing its ever bright beams straight into my retina; it was less than pleasing.

A few days had passed since I last bothered to focus on anything, it didn’t seem to do me any good anyway, and then it came pounding, gallivanting through my ears like a wild stampede on the open savannah. A beep; almost inaudible by societies standards, it was the first noise I had heard since I awoke from the sleep they had me in. Then came silence followed shortly by another beep, this loop kept going in this fashion for awhile. Hello?! Is anyone there?! I longed to speak yet my mouth would not move.

The empty space cleared from my view as a transparent blue light filled the glass casing of the cryopod, a small amount of static and then I saw her, “Do not fear me. It took us awhile to pinpoint you, but we’re glad we did.” I struggled to listen as each word was like a nail being hammered into my skull, it seemed noise was going to be something I would have to readjust to. “We’ve activated the beacon aboard your cryopod, we’re bringing you in. Sit tight Tenno.”

The slow floating suddenly halted with a quick jolt and a loud blast took place as the thrusters kicked on. At this point I felt like my head was going to implode, and after a journey that seemed longer than the entirety of the time I spent floating aimlessly I could see a towered structure forming in the distance. Who is bringing me here? Why are they brining me here, and just as I awoke, where is here? The cryopod entered the base by means of a hangar on the lower part of the structure.

Mechanical arms out stretched from the sides of the walls and grasped onto the cryopod, and soon after more appeared from above me and began to use lasers and cut out the edging of the glass that displayed me like some sort of museum feature. An air pressure seal could be heard releasing and the glass was carried away by the arms that had released me from my encasing. A woman, the same woman that appeared on the glass walked up to me and looked down. “Hello Tenno, I am Lotus.”

To Be Continued…

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