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I have a lot of experience in playing games and watching games that made it and ones that didn't.

This game reminds me a lot like Global Agenda, Global Agenda was a great game, but died because the company didn't know how to keep it playerbase. I played League of Legends since Alpha, so I saw them grow from a small company to one of the biggest at the moment.

1. Pricing - items like warframe should not cost $20 to purchase, $5 would be more reasonable.

2. Items that needs to be obtainable by playing the game only, everything in Warframe can be purchased with real cash. In LoL, runes which can alter how strong your champion is, is only purchasable by in-game currency. However you can buy 2x rates to earn these in game currency, which is fine.

3. New mods,warframe,artifact, missions frequently. League of Legends has been releasing new champions every 2-3 weeks since open beta and has not stopped.

4. E-Sports - the reason why LoL made it big was competition. If PvP isn't implemented there can be PvE challenges that can yield challenges. Look at WoW, there are strictly PvE players, but they are all about clearing content. There has to be a competitive side to it, even if its just doing PvE content.

5. Advertising - this game isn't widely known, and that is a shame. I know it is a small company so it doesnt have the resources to advertise, but word of mouth is one of the best advertisemnt. Many games including LoL offers incentives to players to refer other players. This can easily be done. You can rewards player with cosmetic items, forum titels, or platinum/credits for doing so.

There are so many examples of companies that fails and ones the succeed, please learn from their mistakes.

This game although not pay to win, is sure heading to that direction. Why? Everything is obtainable by real money, but there are some things not obtainable by credits. Grinding credits to play the game takes so long that free to play players will quit.

If the game only has pay to play players, the player base will die. We need free to play players to stay around.

Also, once you have platinum, there is not much to farm anymore. I can buy mods packs, warframes, guns, basicaly everything.

Nothing in the game requires me to play to obtain because I can just pay to get it with real cash with the exception of artifacts (which are alerts only). They need to create more things like artifacts, so people will have to play more to earn certain things.

For a game to be truly not pay to win, look at Path of Exile's model. Only cosmetic items can be purchased with cash. Anything that affects any stats or progression is considered pay to win. Even +1 damage on a gun is pay to win

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I for one put 50 dollars into the game but I have purchased nothing that you are referencing. The only things I have spent any money on is colors, and weapon/warframe slots nothing more. I have collected 9 of the 12 warframes ingame entirely supercharged 5 of those with another 3 reactors all aquired in game waiting to be used.

Free playing is about patience. Everything in the game aside from skins and colors are aquirable using credits. They have even put certain colors on sale for 1 credit once in a while to let not plat users get them.

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