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Hello Community! Mehehehe ~.~


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Well, Hello again xD

As for my username ~.~ You can already know my name.

This is the first time I really loved a shooting game and enjoying it myself.

And for the players @.@ There's a chat you know xD

Don't be so serious and talk sometimes.

I love chatting while playing >.<

If you happen to play with me.

IGN: Kathrine27 (of course xD)

Full name: Kathrine Gervacio Malicdem

Living in earth within 20years.

And so im taking my Food Tech course @ 3rd year now!

So chat me in game? xD

See ya~

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Great to see a new member of the Warframe community!

Go ahead and add me, if you have any questions about the game, I would love to tell you about what i know!

If you ever think about joining a Clan (Squad), check our my clan: Black Steel Brotherhood.

We tend to do idle chatter on Teamspeak as we play, so you should fit right in!


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