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WARFRAME: Feedback, Playthrough, Thoughts, Reviews [Updated : Jan 13]


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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, It's Matter Here!

I am here to bring you my thoughts, feeling and overall playthrough of the game!

I will be doing a review of my overall opinion of the game thus far very soon and try to keep you all up to date

with new content but i can see another awesome guy doing that already, but my videos are going to be more thought and opinions!

I am more dedicated to just providing you with more full on feeling of the game and my overall experience as an average player!

My video will consist of more Feedback w/ Playthroughs(Live Commentary), Thoughts and THEN finally Review. Sucessfully dubbing it (FPTR)

If you would like to take a look at what i have instore for you i already have a few video posted already!

I will be updating this post constantly and providing you guys with the videos i post on a regular basis :)!

Keep it Classy People!



My Channel Page for People who are Interested


First Impression with First MIssion Playthrough


Second Deeper Thoughts w/ Second Mission Playthrough


Third Mission Fun Playthrough


Dual Commentary: Video and More Ideas Pt.1


Dual Commentary: And We Continue Pt.2


Dual Commentary: First Infested Impression Pt.3


More Videos Coming Soon


I Hope you all have a great time with WarFrame and Enjoy my videos!

Leave however you feel about my videos and discussion of Warframe in the forum post down below or in my video comment section!

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