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Ukrainian localisation


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It's very good, that you have Ukrainian language in options, but translation is so bad... There are not so much text to translate at this moment... maybe 2-3 hours of work. I wrote support ticket about help with localisation. It's not so much work - implement ukrainian font in game, translate ~100-200 different phrases and it's done!

And, by the way, game is AWESOME!

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Russian voice actor (is it human form thou?) has extremely terrible intonation, additionly to unbearable things she actually speak, close, but, you know. If you going to develop it this way, please, don't. Best solution is to improve subtitles, but what do i know.

Also, highly recommend to not translate proper nouns, for example, "Ash" is translated to russian as "Пепел"(Pepel), but "Ember" is "Эмбер"(Ember) like others (what i actually prefer).

Wont bother forums with new thread, just bump this one.

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