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The Rails, A Big Alliance And My Feelings As To How To Fix It


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well you all know who I am. I rant, I rave but generally, at least, I hope i bring perspecitve.

I am A general of OMNI and now an ex member of se7en s1nz.

Im proud of what we achieved on the rails and the clans that helped us.

However as warframe is a beta (ha ha) I feel duty bound, individually(this is my rant), to point out areas which need improvement for the rails to work properly.

1/ Alliance chat. This needs an appointed moderator from the alliance with kick ability.This, if nothing else, would have been a god send.

2/ Alliance contribution. Why is it that websites can tell use who gave what and who ran what rails but DE can't? fix please

3/What's in it do for the individual? give players a reward for rails as a holder of that rail above everyone else. An exp boost above the norm, a credit boost, something player centred to motivate the individual, above clan affiliation.

4/Give clans or alliances more than just their name in lights. A badge anything to acknowlage the achievements of rail defence and holding 1 to a squillion rails.

5/Anomimity is a great thing but I feel if you put yourself in the public eye you will be scrutinised. A full list of what clans and who runs each, with memeber lists needs to exist in game.

P.S. on a positive note I love the mobile defence mission, thank you DE for getting rid of the damn 4 button thing

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Solar Rails and alliances is to blame for the segregation and ultimate destruction of our clan. There is absolutely nothing to benefit the tenno in the trenches in this stupid aspect of the game. It is enjoyable to only the top members of the alliance and tacticians. Feeling obligated to go grind for hours and hours every three days for no reward what so ever is too much to ask of anybody.


The excitement and anticipation of the first battle is worth investing in a single solar rail.

After that the process becomes a job that you don't get paid to do.

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Feeling obligated to go grind for hours and hours every three days for no reward what so ever is too much to ask of anybody.

Welcome to the world of big guys, where both pros and cons determined by players. Now you probably can see, why "Hell is other people" is applicable to videogames.

Still, it's only CTA. No income taxes, no doctrines (like restricting certain actions or weapon/frames), no big permanent losses (Except for POTENTIAL incomes).

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