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Dojo Room Deletion Bug


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I am new to the forums and this is my first time posting, I have run into an issue with our Clan Dojo and was wondering if anyone could help,


basically we have our original floor comprising the four prerequisite halls necessary for the greatest hall (Clan Hall, Clan Great hall, Clan Greater Hall, Clan Grand Hall) we then built an elevator which leads to the Clan Greatest Hall on a new floor, we are now attempting to delete the Clan Greatest Hall in an attempt to keep everything on one floor but every time we attempt to delete the Greatest hall we are presented with the message "This component has child components and therefore cannot be queued for destruction" upon marking the "child" rooms on the map it informs me I must delete the 4 prerequisite halls first, which obviously I cannot do.


Has anyone had a similar issue or have any recommended fixes? I can provide pictures of the layout if it would help,

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