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Since You Closed The Tshirt Design Contest Posting Thread 11 Minutes To Early Here's My Submission


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Not a bad idea, but I personally think could be improved. I made a quick mock-up in paint just for funsies.




Added a splash of color, resized Corpus head for better artisic balance, and removed corpus lettering and reduced overall size and spread to reduce clutter

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nice i caught wind of the contest 13 hours before it launched and i worked on it for 2 and fell asleep at the keyboard the original concept was too have 3 tenno one standing palms together above the word balance 1 standing above the word profit hands outstretched to the sky as if money was raining down feet together and the final one feet spread apart hands out fingers locked standing above the word power. So i'm going to be working on the original concept this month see if i can get it done and post it in the fan art section for people to use as bgs on their comps

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