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Looking For Some Help Re: Rubedo Items



Hi all. First up, my Warframe account is NOT linked to Steam. I assume it has to be in order to get these items? If this is the case, is linking the accounts easy enough for it to be worthwhile?

I have never taken part in the summer sale before and am more interested in simply buying the skins I want than having to craft anything. How would I go about doing so?

Finally, is it easy to un-link my account from Steam if I decide to go that route? 


Thanks :)

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If you download the game through steam it will have a prompt that asks you if you want to connect to steam and will do so every time you log in till you hit yes. To just buy both those skins you just have to go to the link below and buy them after you link steam to your account. Be aware prices go up and down since it's other people/players who are selling them.


If the link doesn't work just search for steam marketplace then click or search for warframe in the marketplace. Any questions just ask.

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