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Greetings And Salutations Fellow Tenno


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I've been a follower of warframe for quite some time--not just on PS4--and randomly decided I would log into the forums and join the discussion, so here I am. I first played Warframe back in March of last year on a very low-end laptop that I could hardly play on, but my interest was piqued nonetheless. I began playing the game as a stand-in for what I hoped Mass Effect 3 would have been, but quickly found Warframe to be more than a rebound. As soon as I heard the game was coming to PS4, I stopped playing on my PC and waited patiently for the console release, all the while following the beta development. Upon release I pumped most of my free time into Warframe for two months straight, unlocking most desirable content available for PS4.


After taking a hiatus until the release of Rhino Prime, I returned to a Warframe that felt like it had lost some of its charm--for various reasons. Hundreds of hours farming the Rhino Prime Chassis left me a little burnt-out on the game, but I continued playing nonetheless... because space ninjas. However, I found myself becoming more interested in the Warframe community itself and its potential, then started watching Devstreams and reading dozens of feedback and fan-creation threads that gave me hope for this project. Even though I feel it's lost a little luster--again for various reasons--I think the community can help revitalize and finalize Warframe. So, today, I randomly decided that I would become part of that!


I'm also kinda bored.


And no, my name has nothing to do with the Zephyr frame, although my Zephyr is red.


Anyway, hello Warframe community!

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