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Potential Fun With Radial Disarm (And Crowd Dispersion)


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I'm not trying to say Loki needs a buff. Loki is fine. HE'S FINE. Masterrace and all that.


This is just a "would be cool if..." thread. I think every Warframe deserves a "would be cool if...", this one comes to mind a lot running around Grineer space subs with my melee weapon out.


Back when we just had laser doors and turrets to deal with, something like this would have been a fun but pointless extra to RD. Even now, after buffs, Corpus traps aren't that much of a threat. Grineer traps? Kind of OP like the Grineer are in general. Shock traps always know where you are (but you have no idea where they are until you trip them) and these energy drain doors completely stop movement (I've tried everything available to Loki and there's no way to counter them without stopping and shooting). "Just run through them." Loki's energy-centric; running through them, even for rush missions, isn't fun.


It's not a very energy-efficient option: I'm expending a 100E CC to take out one or two traps (maybe 8-10 Arc Traps on a Defense tile with max range build). But it is still a better option than stopping, putting my melee away, taking out a gun, aiming/shooting (those green scanners have a weird hitbox; takes longer than I always think it will), putting away gun, and taking out melee again. "Just use your gun." I've been just using my gun since day 1 of U8. I'm bored of just using my gun. Don't tell me how to Ninja. Would affect laser plates and Orokin turrets, too.


Why Crowd Dispersion? It goes off every time you get too close to a camera or an active turret anyway, might as well break it. That's really the only reason. Put a lame bug to good use.


Other "would be cool if..."'s:


Ember gains energy from fire procs (not complete resistance)

Frost is immune to cold procs (not damage) and is not affected by cryo levels

Saryn gains regen from toxin procs (would be kind of OP now, but she deserves it!) (Still takes damage from initial. Reasoning: her system adapts to the toxin/virus/whatever after contact)

Volt gains a speed bonus from eletric procs

Mag could extend her shield to teammates after Shield Polarize (like a shield Osprey [maybe with a better, not-view-impairing effect], and 10% or less of her Shields [she does it in her lore])


I can't think of anything else.


Would be cool!

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To both.

I was just thinking this the other day.

Excalibur should get a better all around boost- better armor/hp/shields since hes the neutral frame

Loki should have faster stamina regen (or more stamina period)

Rhino should have a 50% chance to resist knockdowns automatically and 50% less damage from bleed

And the elemental frames should take reduced damage from their respective elment, as well ad an advantage when proc'd

Mag 50% magnetic, regain shields

Ember 50% fire, regain shields

Volt 50% electric, regain shields

Saryn 50% toxic, and regain hp

Frost 50% ice, regain shields

Vauban 50% radiation, regain shield

And other things for other frames

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