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Clan Dojo - Request For A Design Update For The Ship


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Hello Tenno,


this is my first entry on this forum so far, so I hope I don't commit too many errors.

I really like the way DE changes the game and improves the experience for the players. It's so different compared to the first time I played it backed then when it was freshly released. I have been watching the last Devstreams and am longing for the U14.

BUT I have a rather small matter that's bothering me.

The Void and the Orokin Derelict ship have a really nice look to them:


But when I return I see my clan dojo I always wonder why it still does look so boring (Just my own opinion).



Especially when you take a look at the new designs for the Tenno/Players ship:


I would like to see something like a "normal" spaceship as the clan dojo.
This also may prevent the players from wondering how all those rooms they added later on could fit in such a small craft. So maybe DE could design the dojo ship like this? I think it is about time to change the looks of our current "home".


I know this is a pretty subjetive matter, but I somehow hope that DE will change the design of the clan dojo some time or other.

Thanks for reading and maybe even adding something to my post.

Your MrTea

[edited because of too much spoilers]

Edited by RealMrTea
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That Dojo "icon/model/whatever" is pretty obsolete by now. I'm pretty sure they added it last June or something.


Definitely would like something "Cold and Gold" (or Tenno chromed carbon paneling; y'know, whatever the inside of the dojo is made of).

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I agree. It would be much more fun to construct and build the dojo rooms. I tried to build my dojo like a great ship with some sectors where you can find a kind of thing (like reactors are in this part of the ship). and it would be really nice to SEE this construct.
BUT, if you see that you've built some ugly looking ship, it has to be easier to destroy rooms OR to put one room to another position OR to swap two rooms. This is my opinion.

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