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Warframe Concept: Dyaus, The Wind Of Destruction.


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Name: Dyaus (Derived from the Proto-Indo-European Dyeus, God of Storms)

Focus: Offensive Wind User

Inspiration: An episode of the show Fringe where there were people with extreamly heavy mater in their blood that allowed them to fly.


Explanation: While Zephyr is already wind based, she is mainly used as Utility and Mobility and has few actually damaging abilities. The idea surrounding Dyaus is to have a Wind warframe that is heavily damage focused. Capable of dishing out huge amounts of damage in long bursts.


  • Stats

    • Health: 115

    • Shields: 90

    • Armor: 210

    • Stamina: 105

    • Energy: 125


  • Abilities

    • Level 1 (Mobility)

      • Aerovane (Name derived from meteorological device that measures wind direction and speed.)

        • Air flows throughout Dyaus’ body causing him to gain increased speed and jump height with reduced gravity. (Maybe increased melee attack speed?)

        • Speed gain similar to Volt’s but does not affect squadmates.

        • Jump height caused by the reduced gravity, The reduction to gravity is like that of the Nightmare mod debuff and due to this has even less gravity than Zephyr.

        • (Maybe have this ability as a toggleable or even a switch based ability, as in use the ability once to change between Heavy and Light mode.)

          • If this is a Mode change ability, both forms need good and bad qualities.

          • Ex. Heavy mode would be very tanky like Rhino, while Light mode would be very frail like Nova.

    • Level 2 (Damage over Time)

      • Anafront (Term to describe a front at which the warm air is ascending the frontal surface up to high altitudes.)

        • Creates a flow of superheated wind around Dyaus causing Fire damage to any enemy that enters the radius. (Maybe cause Melee to get a fire buff similar to Saryn’s Contagion?)

        • Actually moves with Dyaus.

        • similar radius to Ember’s Fire Blast

        • Tick based damage/DOS similar to Hydroid’s Undertoe.

    • Level 3 (Protection and Retaliation)

      • Whirlwind (Actually a Pokemon reference to the move Whirlwind)

        • Dyaus extends his hand and creates a wind shield in front of him that stops all incoming bullets and holds them in place. Once the time has stopped all absorbed bullets are redirected back at enemies infront of Dyaus.

        • Think the “Return To Sender” Vigor from Bioshock Infinite or the Redirection ability in Titanfall.

        • This shield is compact and moves with Dyaus.

        • Dyaus can still shoot with any gun during the timeframe of the ability. (Maybe unable to reload?)



  • Level 4 (Crowd Control/Heavy Damage)

    • Tempest

      • Dyaus pauses and conjures powerful wind throughout his arms (Cast time similar to Nekros’.) Then, turning sideways and extending 1 arm in the direction of the reticle and the other in the opposite direction, shoots massive tornadoes from his arms in those directions dealing massive damage to any enemy caught inside. (I wanted this Ultimate to be almost cinematic.) Then, while retracting the tornados Dyaus twists his body back to the normal position. (This allows some enemies that were out of the initial blasts range to be hit, but approx. 50% less damage. (Maybe have a Tornado around Dyaus’ body during the ability to prevent damage?)

      • During the initial blast any enemy trapped inside the tornados is hit with the full damage and pushed back. This initial blast lasts about 2-4 seconds.

      • Any enemy outside the tornado but somewhat close will be sucked in and damaged slightly less than those inside the initial blast.

      • (Maybe, with the Tornado around Dyaus, any bullets shot at Dyaus are absorbed and redirected into the main attack? Not sure if the attack isn't already overpowered enough, but then again, we do have M.Prime. So…)






  • Possible additions

    • Passive ability opposite to Zephyr, Dyaus may actually be made of a material opposite to Oxium that makes Dyaus very heavy and causes increased gravity and maybe reduced speed? ( I actually really like that idea! :D)

      • This would cause players to use Dyaus’ Level 1 Ability more.

      • Maybe cause Dyaus’ Melee Ground slam to do very slightly more damage.


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They did say they were never going to put the same frame gender-bent, but they did fling the different gender, same element idea before.... One could argue that's what they're doing with the new frame and the one ability they talked about. (in relation to Vauban).... I guess this isn't too far from a doable idea.... (awaits Fem-Frost)

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I think Un1337ninja was talking about a previous livestream from the DE devs. I think it was before PS4 was released. People had been asking about female versions of existing frames. DE totally shot it down and said there were no plans at all for gender swapping but that frames of similar themes could be released in opposite genders.


IMO, Zephyr was meant as the opposite of Volt. Both are storm related with ranged defense, movement, and offense. Players have been poking them for an earth elemental frame, and I expect that would be volcanic as sort of a male ember. The new frame strikes me as a female Loki so far.

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