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Something Is Missing For U14

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I'm excited like many others for the new soon to be released update with all the new features and content being added...but then there is that one piece missing...what about new dojo rooms or decorations? or even the sole purpose use of the trophy room and observatory, or even those game freezes that occers when entering your lab menus??. those things i'v been thinging on since the devstream 31. like I'm .ot expecting them to release more content for the dojo but i just want to know where we are at on seeing new things to do in your clan dojo..cause of course they haven't spoken about it...i guess it's not important right now wich is understandable

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do you even know if it's missing?

well they released the trophy room and observatory room...but there just there and they haven't address how there putting it to use let alone when there planning on making it usefull. it obviously not gonna happen in u14 otherwise they would have addressed it in this week devstream

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this is not true, a lot of stuff gets released without prior notification.


yeah small things like sorting my fusion core mods and making curtain warframes power moves togglable, this weeks devstream pretty much warped up on what is the main content they are adding for u14...nothing about what they're doing for those rooms they added with no purpose. like i said in this post I'm not expecting them to add something for dojos in the next main update but it would be nice to know what they will do with those particular rooms they've added. no complaints but just stating that something is missing that should have been worked on after u13

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