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Alert Interference On The Same Node


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Currently (12 noon PDT, Saturday the 21st of June) two Alerts exist on Viver, Eris. One is the Gift From the Lotus for 9000cr, Orokin Catalyst Blueprint, Extermination against Infested (Rank 10-15) and the other is a Tenno Distress Signal for 7200cr, Extermination against Corpus (Rank 20-23).

No matter how you attempt to enter the mission, the splash screen reports the stats for the Gift From the Lotus mission whereas the mission is always the Corpus Extermination. Using the Alerts dialogue does allow for intentional selection of the Corpus mission (though it's not directly available on the Star Chart), but the splash screen is still in error. It is impossible to actually play the Gift From the Lotus mission (presumably unless you complete the Corpus Extermination mission first).

I have recorded this event and will be uploading a video to YouTube shortly and will edit this post with that link.

EDIT: YouTube link to this phenominon: http://youtu.be/gBdFbJRGZ8U

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