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Strangest Hang-Up I've Ever Had.


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For about the past month or so (Maybe more like three weeks) I've been having odd hang-ups on pre-mission loading screens. The game loads...but then instead of taking me to the game itself, it simply hangs on the loading screen. It's an issue I've noticed happening to several friends but I've never bothered to report it seeing as it seems to be widespread enough to already be known to the devs.

But as of late, it's gotten...worse...

Upon loading into a mission, I'd start to get this. http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/468687340215413993/56896C74C06E27BDB226B52160F8CF4D9103A91E/

The wavey effect would go about like weird and garbled text would randomly pop up in a way that would make you think Stalker's about to leap out from the screen and slit your throat in some cheesy creepypasta kind of way.

Once everyone else loaded, that screen would then turn into this... http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/468687340215420327/BED6CEDD597E4E6330F08B49E4B97F56A3A331BB/

I don't see my frame, I don't get to move or even act, and apparently my main weapon is my Helios' camera. No buttons are responsive except for escape, which simply brings me to this...erm..."menu" http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/468687340215425192/3D3918B4B1A63FC0D3401F784E5A811F690024AE/

No idea WHAT caused something like this, but these hangups are starting to grate a bit on my nerves. It gets tiring searching for a void run just to have this happen constantly.

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The first and the second usually caused by lag/high latency to and from the host, but for the third one it was ye' olde bug that popped up once in a while (for most of the cases), that sometimes could be triggered when lagging.


But try to verify and defrag your game files as well, just in case somehow your system doesn't preperly loaded the game files correctly...

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