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The Ever Questionable Balance Debate (Fixed)


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I was thinking the other day about which warframes ( rhino ) I see the most, and why not others. Until the notorious change to frosts snow globe I saw one almost every other mission, now they are a rare commodity that nobody asks for. But on the flip side of that coin the very same update brought us the toggle ult twins in nyx and banshee. I was once in a defense alert where I stood next to a banshee who channeled sound quake for all 15 waves, dropping energy restores when they needed, and I thought " why not make some of the abilities that people keep up anyways into toggles... For instance frost players might fall over themselves if snow globe became toggled instead of a set hp/duration.

Another thing I've hardly ever seen Loki without invisibility up, and for that matter I've hardly ever seen a Loki. So I'm sure they'd appreciate if they had the toggle option.

Now onto mag, ever since elements 2.0 mags have fallen off the face of the solar map... The last time I saw a mag was in a corpus survival 3 weeks ago. And I think the main issue is she does one type of damage that's good against one type of mob... Granted it's EXCELLENT against that mob she has no utility and can barely hurt something without a shield. So my only suggestion for her would be to change shield polarize, an ability only viable against corpus, and have it affect armor ( would make sense) and change her ultimate to deal an environmental damage bonus, like volt with electronics.

Excalibur... Oh Excalibur, why you so useless? Excalibur has no significant defense, damage capability, supportive attributes. He is the only warframe with a name that exceeds 2 syllables (adding the word prime doesn't count) and he is just garbage, the only time I swapped to Excalibur on purpose was to chain a radial javelin into bullet attractor on a nyx just to see if it would kill ruk in one hit (it did not). Excalibur has need a buff for a long time, be it a straight damage boost to javelin and slash dash or make radial blind actually do something worth while. As a proud owner of Excalibur prime I can say so long as he stays in obtainable I don't mind him being exactly the same as his less shiny counterpart.

Saryn. The health tank... Why give her so much hp when sh just molts to draw threat? She has no self defending abilities and her damage abilities are either too weak, short range, or tedious to bother with. My suggestion is a complete overhaul to her kit. Give her something defensive or nerf her hp and make her a combat Mage. trying to get the best of both worlds gives a mediocre result of neither.

Ash. Blade storms fine, just fix the bugs. Shurikens fine. Smoke bomb needs to last longer. But teleport... I don't use it. I don't know anyone who does. I ran out of typing room so I'll post another comment...

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Anyways, about teleport. I don't know anyone who does use it, it requires precise targeting that ash, with his enemy seeking shurikens isn't used to, and then has the result of putting a squishy frame in point blank range of the target, which has less than no applications In the end game. He doesn't need that. Just give him more ninja stuff.

Let's talk about valkyr. Valkyr has the highest armor for one of the lowest healths in the game. She has to restrict herself to melee combat exclusively to fight and can't remove it early. Easy fix is to make this into a toggle like banshee and nyx to prevent 30 seconds of an undesired effect. Other than that, rip line has a nice utility. Battle cry has potential. But I can't even remember her last ability. So that should probably be fixed.

Let's see, any other warframes... No I can't think of any... Onto weapons... Angstrum. Too strong. Pistols already get the best mods but making an easier to craft ogris that's comes With immediate multishot capability is too much. Must nerf. Bows. They suck to much. Scindo fragor and gram. The original heavy weapons need some love. Shotguns in general need something to go down before they become viable primaries against more than infested. We need more assault rifle class weapons the current list is comprised of latron, latron prime. End of list.

I won't talk about snipers until sniping 2.0 is out. That's all for now but I would like responses and second opinions please!

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Bows are way too powerful now a single shot and there went a wave in a void defense,  seriously if a Bow is under-preforming you're doing it wrong.  100K to 1mil damage per arrow with unlimited Punch-through is pretty good to me, the only drawback really is the flightspeed but besides that most Bow deal considerably more damage in a single shot than other weapons, if Anything currently Paris Prime and Dread are a few of the top hitters per shot not DPS cause if you see them in terms of DPS you wrong.


Shotguns are pretty decent granted like most guns that have no innate punch-through they need Seeking Force to deal good damge to groups.  I can use a Hek in a group and end up having to save the team when they have other more "top" weapons, it's funny seeing a guy waste a mag on a heavy only for me to hit the one behind them with a single shot of either Hek or even teh Tigris can keep the wreckage going into late waves.  


Valkyr: Her Ult must become a toggle,  Warcry is a great buff for attack speed and armor which helps a Snowglobe frost, Paralysis is cheap and spamable allowing for quick stuns on groups and breathing time for allies Ripline is a great mobility skill with semi-decent damage.


Ash: He's more focused on keeping himself alive than the team and he does that good, he can help a team but his skill set seems more focused on himself.


Loki: Mustard Race, 'nuff said there



Most aren't seen due to most people going for the easy stuff and when they are seen it's either mastery reasons or due to someone figuring out how to use the frame perfectly.  I can take my Loki and effectively use my RD/Invis build without having to worry too much on staying alive.  Same With Hyper Tank Valkyr and Caster Ash.  I can take a Vulkar and do as much if not more damage than a guy with a forma'd Soma,synapse etc.  Why cause all it takes is using the weapon and using it well.   I forma'd Miter 4 times before the buff(bug) and still used it after it was fixed and refixed, Kinda loving the 100% proc since if I slap Viral or Gas they just go down so fast even if the damage wasn't what did them in.  I think I was one of the few who used Snipetron when it was low tier due to not being innate AP back in D 1.0

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