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Trading Issues


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Hi Ive come here today to basically inform people of some issues i believe could use a bit of fixing in the trade chat.

First of all, im pretty sure (depending on your region) that it is IMPOSSIBLE to go into trade and not see somebody in all caps. Yes, I understand you are trying to get peoples attention, but don't spam it or make the entire message shouting.


Instead, try something like this:

SELLING:mods, rare prime parts, fusion cores, and lots of other stuff PM ME


Second issue I have is lowballers. Now i know nothing can be fixed with this issue, but I just want to put it out there as an awareness thing. If you see somebody selling an item for what its not worth, such as too high, or in rare cases, too low, pm them and inform them of the actual price of the item. I came across 1 guy who was selling loki helmet for 30p, and i pmed him and said "hey man the helmet isn't worth that its worth alot more" and he said "oh, I didn't know that". It mostly occurs in the lower mastery ranks is what ive noticed, due to the fact that they are inexperienced with the marketing system in the game. So be a lamb, and try to help them out as best as possible. Now the second part of this issue is people in trade who low-ball CONSTANTLY. Im talking about people that do things like this.

Example: Trading Iron Phoenix, Sundering Weave, Coiling Viper and Seismic Palm for Crimson Dervish and Gleaming Talon 1 to 1 trades ONLY.

Alright for 1 i think we all know that gleaming and dervish are possibly the most sought-after stances currently. Now, me believing in the possibility of alternate universes, there is a SMALL possibility that somebody will come along and actually trade the guy. 99% of the time though, no. And the other problem is that they spam it , over and over and OVER. There is no way to fix this, I just find it annoying that people constantly try to low-ball others who have earned their items and grinded for them. So please, dont be the "best i can do guy".

Final issue: I have encountered multiple people who have made alternate accounts to obtain 1 time things, right now its the Breeding Grounds Mods. I feel strongly that this should be illegal, and should be reported immediately, but i wanted to make sure so that im not reporting innocent players.

People with up to 5 alternate accounts have obtained large quantities of the mods. I myself have actually traded for my sets, giving up other items instead of using alternates. Using alternates can "break" the system. Reason being is because after the event is over, the BG set will sell for great sums of plat. I'm estimating around 1-200, as that's what cicero and tethra sold for. So if they obtain multiple sets of the mods, great. Good for you. However if they do it using alts, i want to know if they can be reported and have this issue fixed.

Thanks for listening to my rant lol I'm sure there are others out there who feel the same way.

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The prices are supply and demand based. Im fine if something costs the way it is but when people overprice or lowball it bothers me. As with the caps, its just spam and annoying. Control it. And as for the extra sets, most of the people arent doing it for new players. Sure, they sell it to players, but technically speaking they didnt properly obtain them. If anything, they exploited it and used second accounts to get them to sell for plat to use for themselves. This is the problem i have. Alt. accounts should be illegal, because if DE wanted a mod to be obtained more then once by gameplay, they would have done that. They did it with Cicero, and im suspecting Tethra is next. However, for the time being, you technically can only obtain the BG mod set ONCE.  

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