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New Ospreys Need Work. Behavior Is Completely Broken.


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I'm more than 100% sure that everyone that did defense missions was completely annoyed by these ospreys, 

BUT, not because what you think.

No, not because they kill you in a single proc, but when they get stuck in small passages and doors,

rail ways (ODD specifically is a huge pain right now), this is the only that can drive me nutts.

Every end of wave you have to start searching for the stuck osprey around the whole map and be lucky to find it quick.

But i mean EVERY end of a wave, i had to run around the whole map 40 times to kill stuck ospreys in walls and in the ground.


Great, DE, you got the damage fixed. now it's time to work on their behavior. Make them smarter.

Make them come to you.


I've noticed, that if you're far enough they won't even bother looking for you (unlike every other mob in the game which will be going for you from everywhere) and they would just float around and do absolutely nothing.

their stance doesn't change when you get close to them as they are bugged out and will not react to anything. (not even shooting them helps) 


Although it doesn't happen to 90% of them, it does happen to the 10% of them and it's completely annoying.

Ever since they were implented the Defense missions take about twice as long.

getting to wave 30 in ODD will take me about an hour, which used to take me like 30 minutes.

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Not really a fix but you can usually find mobs by using your codex scanner, it sees through walls. Use that to find them

I'd rather not. i'd rather DE fix their mob behavior. don't put things into their head like these. they might call that the fix.

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