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Warframe Does Not Terminate On Closing The Window After Login



This is a weird problem that I'm having, and I'd like some input/advice from other people on this matter. I don't know if this belongs to a support ticket or the bugs section because I might be the only one with this problem.


A bit of background:

a couple days ago, I received a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION BSOD whilst playing a totally different game. Had to do multiple restarts due to either an incomplete boot or followup BSOD on boot (like a page fault or something like that). Eventually I'm back to normal.....or so it seems.

Windows dreamscene (which I enabled a while earlier) was disabled as a precaution; dunno if this is relevant, but I suppose i won't use it for now. Overwolf (a game overlay application that I use) seems to be malfunctioning when loaded on startup (mind you it's only been 2 days since "restoration" so I can't fully say what's going on yet), but is functional on reloading the program, i think.


Now the problem at hand:

Suppose I launch warframe; if I close it (either by the exit button on the top right or via alt+f4) before i login, warframe terminates as normal.

if i close it after i login, even if i log out afterwards, warframe does not terminate and the process remains active (ie. it's still in task manager). I have to kill it before I open warframe again.

This applies with or without overwolf active.


I actually get the "hanging process after exit" problem with a couple other games I have, but not on every single one that I have, so I believe it's something to do with the program itself, but it might be related to the crashing and BSODs I had prior, i.e. relevant to my system, so i don't know what the problem actually is.


My current theory is in particular the 2nd BSOD that I had, which was something like a PAGE fault error or something like that, which occurred on bootup, but I don't remember exactly what the BSOD was. Doing a bit of googling led me to a PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA BSOD - i think it was this one. Perhaps my CPU might've been screwed up a little bit?


Don't tell me to try and restart my computer: it's been two days; I've had this problem across multiple boots, but never tried to investigate any further. I cannot recall when exactly this particular problem occurred, however, but I believe it to be within the past one or two weeks. It was just fine prior, with the listed specs unchanged.


So, does anyone else have this problem (not the BSODs as well, duh; just the incomplete process termination bit)


Some Specs:

Win7 64 bit, running warframe in 64 bit mode, DX9, borderless fullscreen.


i7-2630QM @ 2.00GHz

Radeon HD 6770M



EDIT: Perhaps I was being impatient; after letting it hang for 3+ minutes it finally terminates. This is waaay too long though and I think something fishy is going on.

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Firstly try Google, from what I read another game was giving you BSODs, so I think it may require more researching.


My suggestion is to reinstall what gave you your BSODs, and reinstall what is being affected.

the BSOD was completely random though, and it has only occurred once in the 30+ hours I've played said game (across multiple sessions; the session it occurred in wasn't even the longest one).


Also I've completed that particular game so I won't be touching it for a while, assuming that specifically was the trigger.

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