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Launcher All Of Sudden Stop Responding...


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I was playing warframe, but had weird loading circle on screen and wouldnt go away. So I closed warframe went to restart it and now warframe launcher is stop responding totaly whited out, all i can read is the play button... uninstalled, reinstalled.a few times nothing worked..


heres ee.log


0.015 Sys [Diag]: Process Command-line: 
0.015 Sys [Diag]: Build Label: 2014. Retail Windows x64 [stripped]
0.015 Sys [Diag]: Build Unique ID: 2721671134
0.015 Sys [Diag]: Windows user-name: gamemaste789
0.016 Sys [Diag]: Windows computer-name: gamemaste789-PC
0.016 Sys [Diag]: On developer network: no
0.016 Sys [Diag]: Current time: Thu Jun 26 02:20:01 2014 [uTC: Thu Jun 26 06:20:01 2014]
0.016 Sys [Diag]: Current directory: F:\Program Files (x86)\Downloaded\Public
0.025 Sys [Diag]: Processor: AMD Quad FX-8350 4300MHz HT/MMX/SSE/SSE2/SSE3/SSSE3/SSE4A/SSE41/SSE42 F/M/S/EF/EM: F/2/0/6/0
0.025 Sys [Diag]: Physical Memory: 16,917MB of 20,429MB Free
0.025 Sys [Diag]: Virtual Memory: 8,388,500MB of 8,388,607MB Free
0.025 Sys [Diag]: Page size: 4KB (Granularity: 64KB)
0.025 Sys [Diag]: Operating System: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 [64-bit]
0.026 Sys [Diag]: System Processes: 98
0.026 Sys [Diag]: System Threads: 1,600
0.026 Sys [Diag]: System Handles: 30,435
0.028 Sys [Diag]: System GDI Objects: 271
0.028 Sys [Diag]: System USER Objects: 55
0.028 Sys [Diag]: System Up-Time: 0d 1h 49m 52s
0.028 Sys [Diag]: Free Disk Space on C: 355,438,039,040 bytes
0.028 Sys [Diag]: Free Disk Space on F: 103,798,611,968 bytes
0.028 Sys [Diag]: Found Monitor: (1600, 0) - (3376, 1000) : 1776x1000
0.028 Sys [Diag]: Found Monitor: (0, 0) - (1600, 900) : 1600x900
0.028 Sys [Diag]: Clock frequency: 4,199,238Hz
0.028 Sys [info]: Steam Service Initializing
0.028 Sys [info]: Steam DLL not found (optional)
0.030 Gfx [info]: Private shader options need 34 bits
0.036 Sys [info]: Loading packages took 0ms
0.036 Sys [info]: Redirecting package load to: C:\Users\gamemaste789\AppData\Local\Warframe\Editor.cfg
0.036 Sys [info]: Dx9 caching enabled
0.036 Sys [info]: PS4 caching disabled
0.036 Sys [info]: XBONE caching disabled
0.036 Sys [info]: Scanning F:\Program Files (x86)\Downloaded\Public\Cache.Windows\ for cache blocks...
0.036 Sys [info]: Found 23 cache blocks...
0.037 Sys [info]: Cache languages enabled: _en
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