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Concept Grineer/corpus Invasion Bosses


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If the infested take over a boss node then you will get Phorid instead. I don't think the grineer/corpus can take over boss nodes but what if they could? 

The corpus boss could be boss with corrosive abilities, perhaps a corrosive ring which damages all grineer, while the grineer boss could have radiation , perhaps the same abilitie with radiation which damages corpus? Or a blast for each of the abilities to hit single enemies instead of multiple enemies.

Although then, if you add two bosses you need to add two warframes.

The Corpus frame could be a frame based around time

First power: Slow down enemies in the same way Banshee's sonic boom works

second power: Speed up the power at which you and your teammates in a certain radius attack and reload

Third power: slow down enemies in a radius

Fourth power: Slow down enemies in a moving radius which travels.

The Grineer frame could be based around blood.

Power 1: makes an enemy bleed.

Power 2:makes enemies bleed in the same way Banshee's sonic boom works .

Power 3:makes enemies bleed in a radius .

Power 4: makes enemies bleed in a moving radius .

Sorry I don't have any art for this, I'm not good at art. Please comment and let me know what you think though.

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We already have a Corpus-themed frame, and that is Valkyr. I would very much like to see what we can get with a Grineer-themed frame, and speculation is that the new frame leaked in the mods for the Breeding Grounds even is grineer themed, due to the style of the mask.

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