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Secondary Way For Collecting Weapons


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So on your travels you come across a wide variety of enemies with a large number of weapons.

Sadly you can't pick up the weapons they drop.


Now what if a gun would exlpode into bits you could actually grab, so for example: every time you kill a elite lancer you would have a small chance he drops a piece of the Hind. In this case you could build the Hind on the regular way with resources or with the alternate way with pieces of the Hind itself. (much like a prime weapons or warframes)


This mechanic would bring lots of help to beginners because:


-they can't get to planets yet with some of the resources they need to build it the normal way.

-they would more quickly get weapons to help them with some of the harder early planets like Earth.

-They could sell the duplicates and get some more credits on the side.



For more advanced players this could mean that they don't have to spent rare resources for a new weapon so they can spent those resources in harder to get weapons like clan-tech.



Also if the Corrupted would get prime weapons one day, this would help dilution by giving a more controled way to farm some of the prime weapons.


Thank you for reading.

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Could dilute drop tables even more if implemented incorrectly.

Could also result in having 500,000 hind pieces in your inventory, which some find annoying (See: Oberon)

the first reason is valid but to the second reason...that's why there's a sell button.  i love getting Oberon parts because by the time i sell all of them i get like 100k credits and i barely had to do anything. anyone complaining about that just seems lazy.

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