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Unix-Like Hotkeys For Chat, Irc Chat


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For instance:


tab - cycles through used chat inputs that start with the string that's already in the chat prompt (eg. tabbing with "/w" will start displaying all whispers, or all chat lines that start with "/w")

up and down arrows - cycles through used chat input sorted by time

ctrl+w - deletes last typed word(much more accurate than holding backspace or delete)


extras :

ctrl+shift+up - turns all current input to uppercase

ctrl+shift+down - same thing to lower case


I'd also go as far as suggesting IRC chat instead of tabs, but keeping the tabs for different chat "sessions"(I might want to have alliance chat and squad chat open at the same time). Non removable tabs for everything are a pain and make the chat GUI cluttered. Also, new chat tabs for each and every private chat create huge clutter, aside from the fact that they have to be removed manually, which is a pain in the &#! on it's own.

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