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Selling Rare Mods, And Prime Parts.

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Look me up online DirkDeadeye, send me a PM in game, if i'm not on, send me on here. I may me farming, so I will try to get back with you if I am online, im not ignoring you, but sometimes I'm in the middle of a survival or something digging up treasures to sell. Since this is my endgame. lol


Since this is the forums, and you're taking the time to use a subforum that isn't widely used I'm selling things cheaper than I usually do.


I will make deals with you for R5 cores in the place of plat. 3 R5's will equal 5 plat. Anything at or under 3p can be traded for any rare mod. (transmute fodder for me) If you have any prime parts I do not have, you can also make that trade, but it's up to my discretion weather or not I think it's a square deal I am pretty open, and I'd like to make sets to sell, so we can help each other. I'm not trying to screw anyone, but a bo ordainment for a brutal tide is silly as an example.


I will also make bundle deals.


I need plat, I need R5's and need transmute fodder. I am very flexible.


Sorted by flavor..


Warframe mods   






Quick Thinking(7p)





Undying will (10p)


Uncommons are 2p each, inquire if you need one


Rifle Mods

Firestorm(15p) Hell's Chamber(5p)

Malignant Force(7p)

Metal Auger(5p) 

Shotgun Ammo Mutation(10p)

Split Chamber(7p) TaintedShell(10p)




Uncommons are 2p each, inquire if you need one


Pistol Mods:

MODS Barrel Diffusion(5p)

Hollow Point(10p)

Ice Storm(10p)

Lethal Torrent(10p)

Magnum Force(15p)



Tainted Clip(15p)

Steady hands(4p)

Any uncommons are 2p each, inquire if you need one




Corrupt Charge(10p)

Energy Channel(10p)

Focus Energy(10p)

Heavy Trauma(10p)


Rending Strike(10p)

Spoiled Strike(10p)

Sundering Strike(10p)

Virulent Scourge(5p)


Any uncommons are 2p each, inquire if you need one



Stance mods:

Brutal Tide (15p)

Coiling Viper(10p)

Cleaving Whirlwind(20p)

Crossing Snakes (7p)

Iron Phoenix(5p)

Seismic Palm (10p)

Burning Wasp(3p)

Fracturing Wind (3p)

Shattering Storm(5p)

Swirling Tiger(3p)


Any uncommons are 2p each, inquire about them.


Prime Frame Parts

Ember Prime Helm(3p)

Frost Prime Chassis/Helm/Systems(5p ea 3 for 12p)

Mag Prime Chassis/helm/BP(3p ea 3 for 7p)
Rhino Chassis(15p)

Rhino Systems(5p)


Prime Weapon Parts AnkyrosPrimeBlade(10p 2 for 7)

Boar Prime set(15p)

Boltor Prime Receiver(10p)

Bronco Prime Barrel (15p)

Akbronco Prime BP (2p or any rare mod)

Dakra Prime Handle/BP (5p ea)

LatronPrimeSet (7p)

Latron Prime Parts 2p each
Fang Prime Blade(5p)

Glave Prime Disc(5p)

Orthos Prime BP/Handle(5p 2 for 7p)

ParisPrime grip/Lower grip(3p)

Paris String(5p)

ParisUpperGrip(10p) (all avaiable paris parts 15p as a bundle, I will make you a quantity deal)

Reaper Handle/BP(3p 2 for 5p)

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