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Midnight Wolves. Site And Voice Chat. 230+ Active Members.


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--------Clan Ethos--------


We are the Midnight Wolves. As a Clan, we fight for personal glory, wealth, and to viciously guard our own resources. Instead of being a hub of scheming and complex plots, we build our Dojo as a temple to our own battle prowess, a haven for Tenno devoted solely to furthering thier own goals and coffers.


If you are interested in joining the Clan, please list your in-game username to receive an Invite.


--------- Member Count-------------


Clan Command:

Grand Master: Hexagoros

Wolf-Guard: NarcoticDragoon

Wolf-Guard: Diceond


Lower Orders:

220+ non-command active members divided across the Long Fangs, Grey Hunters, Neophytes, and Aspirant ranks.


-------Organizational Apparatus---------


1) RaidCall for Voice Chat.  General use voice chat.


2) Alliance website.  General organization and forums.  Alliance leadership council.


3) Clan steam group.  Internal clan organization and outlining of rank responsibilities.




Midnight Wolves is the Founding Clan of the Midnight Coven Alliance, which currently has 69 active member clans.

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