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Fusion Bug, Mod Stack Gives Same Energy As The Single Mod


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So, this bug happened to me twice already.

When you are fusing the mod , and if the mod stack that you are fusing INTO a mod (cores, for example) will give that mod full capacity, full stack will be consumed even if not all mods from this stack are needed.


Example: i was fusing Fever Strike to max, gave it my duplicate/unneeded mods, and i had a stack of 10x Pull mods. I selected it, UI showed me that i need. However when i accepted it showed 10. I declined, fused other mods into it, started the fusion again, now with this full stack, now it gave proper energy and quantity when i selected 10. Also i almost lost 4x rare cores that was showen as single one instead of 5.


Maybe its just a visual bug, so ive posted it in UI section.

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