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Melee And Stance Combos


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1) Some stance mods are hard to come by.

2) Most of time stance mods are only used to rise mod points not for combos

3) People do not use combos

- they don't give a meow - its faster to kill with normal attacks

- they are too slow.

How to fix them (my take)


Rework way stance is being obtained:

Soak / Gain EXP (over 30lvl) ex.

LVL. 30 - You get unranked stance(NOT MOD) to choose from all available for this type of weapon

LVL. 35 - Your stance is upgraded by a rank (unlocking more advanced combos)

LVL. 40 - More combos,

LVL. 45 - Full Stance - Ability to change stance (and weapon will be downgraded to lvl 30 again + more grind)

This way players won't be able to complain about stance mod being hard to obtain, they will just spend more time with weapon and combo system. Its better if players get a visible curve of progress than RNG hit or miss completely - player feels then that they are just wasting their time and getting pissed and more pissed later.

(Optional) After lvl 30 they should not get any mastery points from weapon -

though if not it will rise grind for older weapons and players would spend their time trying to get older weapon to rise them higher = they would not spend time grinding away on one part of game and getting pissed.

2&3) This is same problem - executing of combos.

How to allow players to execute combos without MortalKombat up,down,left, low attack, high attack, super attack, fire, duck, no f*cks, kamehamaeha, nail cannon. alike stuff... no point of doing that where as warframe is 3d shooter and situation and map can change quickly - and players need to be able to execute on a press of a button whole combo.

Quick fix?

Allow players to assign a key to execute combo.

Speed of combo; speed of combo should not be determined by animation but weapons speed - this will solve problems of them being human realistic to wf realistic viable.


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1) the trade system or a clan/alliance solves the difficulty to obtain

2) not in my case (as certain combos are able to do things unavailable in the first combo, such as stagger or AOE)

3) not in my case.  I love using the combos.


The solution presented would undermine the efforts of players such as myself whom already have obtained the stances.  This solution also would make forma'ing the weapons much more grueling with the grinding.


One of the main problems I have with the combos isn't the difficulty of execution, it's that by the time you've executed the final move, enemies are either already defeated or have been shooting at you the whole time without being staggered (like some Napalm Grineer).  Some weapon stances have  combo effects occur at the third strike (such as Seismic Palm and Fracturing Wind), which I would like to see more of.  Perhaps a guaranteed stagger (not the type that opens an enemy up for finisher, but stops them from shooting you point blank) at the 3rd strike for every combo in every stance would solve that, but I dunno.


Depending on how you've modded the weapon, combos aren't slow.

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