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Deos Is Now Accepting Recruits.


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Hey Tenno. Thanks for visiting my thread :D


So, long story short. I have been playing Warframe for quite awhile now and at one point I made a clan for me and my friends(mostly me). None of them are active however so here I am with a huge dojo all to myself and no one to play with :c This clan was pretty much just made for me and my friends but I figure I might as well open it up to some others.


Anyways, here is where you guys come in. This is a ghost clan so spots are very limited but anyone is welcome to give it a try. So this is how this is going to work:

  • post your in game name here or message me(Nihil_Aeternus) in game
  • I will ask you some simple questions about yourself
  • I will invite you to the clan as a new member
  • If things go well then you can stick around and we can figure out some responsibilities and expectations
  • Anyone who joins will have full access to a nearly complete dojo
  • Feel free to contribute to some research(if you do so I will do my best to make sure you remain until the research is complete)
  • If you are not around very much I may remove you as space is very limited(I am thinking that I will keep one space open to invite/remove people who just want access to some research they contributed to in the past)
  • This clan is based in Central Canada so it would be best if you are on the East half of the continent but I am pretty sure anywhere in NA is fine.
  • Not sure what else, not too organized yet, just wanted to get this out there.

So, send me a message if you are looking for a small group of people to play or just to try it out. I can share my fortress of solitude with you :D


Just to be clear, I am not looking for any profit in this. I am not looking for help building a dojo only to kick you out for my friends. Just looking for some team mates and company.


If things go well I am certainly willing to expand up to a shadow clan and get a little more involved in this whole thing. I never intend to lead a large clan though, just a few people looking for some consistent team mates. New players are welcome, I can help and teach you what I know.

I should be online pretty much the rest of the night.


Thanks for reading :D


Hope to see you in game.

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