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Got A Selection Of Fine Things On Sale, Stranger(Mods)

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Random Rares:

Barrel Diffusion x3- 4p
Berserker: x3- 6p
Fired Up: x1- 2p

Flow: x2- 2p

Intensify: x6- 3p
Master Thief x5- 4p

Power Throw x2- 2p

Quick Thinking: x2- 4p

Rage: x1- 4p

Ravage: x4- 3p

Split Chamber: x1- 5p

Steady Hands x2- 3p

Streamline x2- 3p

Vital Sense x2- 3p

Whirlwind x2- 4p

Nightmare/Corrupted Mods

Accelerated Blast x2- 6p

Blind Rage x1- 5p

Corrupt Charge x1- 4p

Fortitude x1- 3p

Hammer Shot x1- 5p
Ice Storm x2 - 4p

Malignant Force x2 - 5p

Pistol Pestilence x3 - 5p

Shred x2 - 6p

Stunning Speed x2 - 4p

Tainted Shell x2 - 3p

Toxic Barrage x2 -5p

Vigor x1 - 3p

Virulent Scourge x1 - 5p

Wildfire x3 - 4p


Crossing Snakes x1 - 6p

Clashing Forest x2 - 3p

Decisive Judgement x1 - 7p

Grim Fury x1 - 4p

Swirling Tiger x5 - 4p

I will sell a Cicero set for 15p
All mods listed are unranked



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