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Extractor Drone Deployment Numbers


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From the Wikki:
"The Overall maximum of deployable drones is 4 regardless of rank/founder combination."
Mastery 0–4: 1 drone
Mastery 5- 9: 2 drones
Mastery 10+: 3 drones
Founder/Prime Access: +1 drone
I don't want to discuss the wikki data its just there for reference. Unless a Dev comes along and states we coded it like this then anything we say about it speculation based on experience. What I do want to get an idea of in this thread is the actual numbers of drones that people can currently deploy. Reply using the following format, include each prime access you have purchased seperately. 
Note: it is possible to get one drone more than you are supposed to by using the 2 drones on one planet trick. Don't post this number, please just assume one planet one drone.
My drones     :   4
Mastery Rank: 16
Founder         : Yes
Prime access: No


So  my data matches the Wikki, but a lot of comments indicate that they can post more than they should. What can you do? 

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I'd love to be able to put several extractors on one planet without having to resort to bugs and glitches. I think it would be a great addition to the extractors in general.

Also upping their chance to get something else than freaking clan resources or nano spores would be amazing.

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