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5P/10P Shop (With Some Exceptions)

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Okay everyone, let's get the annoying questions out the way first.


PM in-game only, it's easier to talk and I don't have to check the forums constantly. As I said, I work and have a job so I might not be able to answer on forums.


- I am open to negotiation but don't quote ridiculous prices.


Currently: I AM Online (Pm me in game if you want something)


My stock is displayed below:




- Bo Prime Ornament - 20p


- Boar Prime Receiver - 5p


- Boltor Prime Stock - 10p


- Burston Prime Stock - 5p


- Dakra Prime Blueprint - 10p


- Latron Prime Blueprint - 5p


- Latron Prime Stock - 5p


- Orthos Prime Blade - 5p


- Paris Prime Lower Limb - 5p


- Paris Prime Upper Limb - 5p


- Paris Prime String - 5p





- Energy Channel - 10p


- Hell's Chamber - 10p or trade for Split Chamber


- Iron Phoenix - 10p


- Metal Auger - 10p


- Flow - 10p


- Shotgun Ammo Mutation - 10p


- Sniper Ammo Mutation - 10p


- Streamline - 10p


- Sundering Strike - 10p


- Thunderbolt - 20p




I am not going to list them all and I don't sell Auras. So if you have something you want, PM me and I'll let you know. All uncommons are sold for 5P

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