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Breeding Grounds Feedback


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I know it's a little late but I've been busy. 


A couple things: 

Repetitive. I know this game is warfarm. but still..

Some ideas to make it less repetitive:

Add a couple different modes to add variety into the gameplay. Make them like nightmare modifiers except for breeding ground missions:

Race mode: You have to race against the 3 hives. The more infested you destroy, the longer your ship will be able to stay docked while you complete your mission. Take too long and the infested will force your ship to fly off and change the extract location! 

Supercluster: There isn't just 1 hive. There's ALL of them. 

Mutated hive: 1/4 enemies are extra stinky eximus! 


A few other QOL changes that would be well in order: 

Extraction points: We should be able to see our ship in the distance even if it isn't at the spot. It's just visually nicer. 

Matchmaking: match people with like stench levels. its frustrating for old players and new when a low rank jumps into a game with level 50+ enemies because of the stench level. 

Bigger flashy/swarms to indicate the tumors. Sometimes you just get stuck at 4/5 and can't find the last one.Heck I think it took me 3 games to start finding them because they would all be dead by the time someone started explaining what they should look like. There's the whole "use your scanner" but funny thing is.. my helios doesn't automatically target them! Whole point of me using helios is to avoid using my scanner!

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