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Log-In And Carrier Power


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Log-in rewards have been dated and a problem for some time, though they are a free fun little way to get extra gifts to people who log in every day. They can still be given in a better way to help not only fans, but DE as well.


Why not make this into a sort of veterans program with both short and long term goals in mind? Today (4th of July)it was brought up to make buffs apart of the log in reward system. This is a great idea of a rotating short term goal for all players. Have a 1,3, 5, and 7 day buff you get for logging in and have them be a continuous reward that rotates after the 7th day if you log in every day with out missing a day. The first day can be a quick buff that last a very short time an hour or two, like a resource rarity buff, while the 7 day buff can be one that lasts a few days, like a double experience buff.


As for the long term goal of the log in it could be like a veterans reward system and the more days you log in the better the reward is, this of course would count total days and not the stirng of days like the short term. An example of this could be a monthly pay off, where the first month of total log in days you get a coupon for 25% off plat in the store, the second month could be a gun or buff from the vault, the third month a special skin for a gun, the fourth a special prime weapon and so on. This not only keeps people wanting to log in, but makes it a need to log in so you get all the prizes.


Next, lets talk about the carrier power to replace the vacuum so that power can be moved to all machine pets. What if carrier had a built in loot detector that placed it on the mini map for you and made it glow (like the mod does)? This still give him his original feel of what type of helper he was without going too far outside the box.

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