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Warframe's Future Through Mods And Builds

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Hi, so i've been playing warframe for awhile now (around 400 hours) this may not seem like a long time to some veteran players; But for me warframe is a game i've put more time into than any other excluding some RPG's. For some people this may be the same, but what i've noticed now is how when you get near the "end" of the progession system  (at least in  terms of mastery rank) your in game options seem to revolve around making builds and collecting all the weapons, warframes ect. That you didn't have, now please be aware DE are making changes as we all know in U14 which will add more into the game's longevity, as least for me. But I also know some people enjoy the game by making various builds to play in different ways and I had an idea on how this could be "expanded" on, to summarize "abilities 2.0" and by this I propose DE could make say 1 or 2 if not more abilities for the already exsisting warframes and future ones, now I understand from a Devs point of view this is a pretty substantial amount of work needing animations, effects ect. But think of it this way more abilities, more builds, and with more builds there's more longevity, also a side idea wouldn't it be cool if primary's and secondaries had something similar to Aura or Stance mods (potentially fire rate mods ?) now yes these may be the requests of someone who may not have played long or has done "everything " but I know some people think this way, for example I was watching the latest devstream when Steve called out that BS comment about warframe having any skill and how DE are scrapping the barrel for mod idea's, and yes I agree with Steve on this there's without a doubt progession in warframe for certain, but by adding say the ability to make more builds and ways to play there's also more progession. I'd be interested to know other views on this; also as a side note I play the PS4 version which is why U14 Isn't mentioned as much as we'll be waiting awhile for that and I'm just looking to convey longevity outside of the new quests being added.

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