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Sheepies' Shop - Sets/parts And Mods - Includes Malicous Raptor And Gleaming Talon

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Welcome to my little shop, feel free to browse and see if anything interests you.
Any queries then feel free to contact me on this thread, by private message or in game.

Timezone: GMT+1  .. though often around in some form between 14:00-03:00


Warframe mods:

Constitution         6p
Continuity            8p
Flow                    6p
Fortitude              4p

Intensify               8p

Master Thief        12p

Natural Talent        8p
Quick Thinking     12p

Rage                    12p

Reflex Guard        3p
Streamline             6p
Stretch                  3p
Vigor                     6p


Enemy Radar            8p
Energy Siphon          12p

Infested Impedance   6p

Loot Detector            30p
Physique                   5p
Pistol Scavenger       3p

Rejuvenation              6p

Rifle Amp                   10p
Shotgun Scavenger  3p
Sniper Scavenger     3p
Speed Holster           3p
Steel Charge            12p


Burning Wasp           1p
Clashing Forest         3p
Coiling Viper             10p

Crossing Snakes      10p

Decisive Judgement 12p
Fracturing Wind         1p

Gleaming Talon -   80p

Grim Fury                 12p

Iron Phoenix              6p

Malicious Raptor      45p

Pointed Wind           10p
Reaping Spiral          1p

Seismic Palm             6p

Shattering Storm       8p

Sinking Talon            12p

Sundering Weave     2p
Swirling Tiger            6p

Primary mods:

Rifle Mods:

Arrow Mutation          3p
Charged Chamber      3p

Firestorm                  15p
Hammer Shot            12p
Infected Clip               3p

Malignant Force        12p
Metal Auger               9p

Rifle Ammo Mutation  6p
Serration                    3p

Shred                        12p
Split Chamber             5p
Stabilizer                    5p
Stormbringer              6p

Thunderbolt               5p
Vital Sense                3p
Wildfire                      4p


Shotgun Mods:

Accelerated Blast      6p
Blaze                        12p

Charged Shell            5p

Contagious Spread  12p

Ravage                      5p

Seeking Force           9p

Shotgun Spazz        12p

Toxic Barrage             9p



Pistol mods;

Barrel Diffusion      12p
Gunslinger               3p
Hornet Strike            3p

Ice Storm                  6p
Lethal Torrent           9p    

Pistol Pestilence      12p
Seeker                      8p

Stunning Speed        4p

Melee mods:

Berserker              10p
Energy Channel      3p
Fever Strike            3p
Focus Energy         4p

Heavy Trauma        6p

Jagged Edge          15p
Killing Blow              3p
Power Throw         3p
Rending Strike        4p   
Sundering Strike     5p

True Punishment     4p

Virulent Scourge   12p

Warriors Grip          4p
Whirlwind              12p

Sentinal mods:

Coolant Leak  9p
Fired Up          4p
Guardian         6p     

Prime Warframe/Sentinal parts:

Ember Prime Full Set        24p
Ember Prime Blueprint      5p
Ember Prime Chassis        4p
Ember Prime Helmet          5p   
Ember Prime Systems       14p


Frost Prime Set               24p

Frost Prime Blueprint        5p

Frost Prime Chassis         5p
Frost Prime Helmet          11p        
Frost Prime Systems        5p


Mag Prime Full Set         15p
Mag Prime Blueprint        4p
Mag Prime Chassis         4p
Mag Prime Helmet           4p    

Mag Prime Systems        7p


Rhino Prime Full Set        55p

Rhino Prime Blueprint      30p

Rhino Prime Chassis       15p
Rhino Prime Helmet         10p          
Rhino Prime Systems       5p     


Wyrm Prime Full Set          50p

Wyrm Prime Blueprint        12p

Wyrm Prime Carapiece      20p

Wyrm Prime Cerebrum      12p

Wyrm Prime Systems        18p

Prime Weapon parts:

Akbronco Prime Blueprint     3p

AKbronco Link                     12p

Boar Prime Full set        18p
Boar Prime Blueprint       4p
Boar Prime Barrel            6p                      
Boar Prime Receiver       4p     

Boar Prime Stock            6p


Boltor Prime Full Set       55p

Boltor Prime Blueprint     35p

Boltor Prime Barrel         12p       
Boltor Prime Reciever      6p       
Boltor Prime Stock            6p 


Braton Prime Blueprint      6p

Braton Prime Barrel           6p

Braton Prime receiver      14p
Braton Prime Stock            6p     


Burston Prime Blueprint     5p
Burston Prime Barrel         5p

Burston Prime Receiver   12p

Burston Prime Stock           6p


Dakra Prime Full Set        15p
Dakra Prime Blueprint       5p 

Dakra Prime Blade          10p

Dakra Prime Handle          5p

Latron Prime Full Set        12p

Latron Prime Blueprint       4p
Latron Prime Barrel           4p
Latron Prime Receiver       5p
Latron Prime Stock            4p

Lex Prime Barrel                 9p

Lex Prime Receiver            9p


Orthos Prime Blade            10p
Orthos Prime Handle           6p   

Paris Prime Blueprint           4p
Paris Prime Lower Limb      3p  
Paris Prime String                5p
Paris Prime Upper Limb      10p       

Reaper Prime Blueprint      5p
Reaper Prime Handle         5p


Sicarus Prime Set               12p
Sicarus Prime Blueprint         4p
Sicarus Prime Barrel             6p 
Sicarus Prime Receiver        7p 

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