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Can We Please Have Blacklist And Migration Protection.


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The first part of this topic description is as obvious as written, people who either leave halfway through after inviting to game or leave if something does not go their way. True sometimes disconnects happen but if they did then they could simply pm the party and explaining that was the case.... 


However, many simply leave for above reasons, so other then ignoring them or w/e can we have a blacklist on the recent or even friends listing page so can make note on who or such not to join with. True, ignore does seem to work but just seems inefficient.


As for the 2nd portion of the topic description, host migrations.


Seriously, nothing worse then waiting to reconnect and you end up dying as you load back in, either giving a mission failed or using a revive etc. Is there any way we can get something to least give the player a chance of not dying or failing due to a host either disconnecting or quitting to cry over something?

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