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Starting New Alliance.


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So far we are 2 clans that make the alliance "in the shadows" ( name pending to change as more clans join :])


There are around 20 members in entire alliance. My clan shadow nation is only 5 members at the moment but we are tearing through the research quickly!! Zephyr soon to come by the end of the week most likely. 1 solar rail is built and first level specters are assembling.


The 2nd clan is the younger kids, haybusa village I believe?? haha with about 12 active members.


Not sure about the other clan but I intend to be competitive and stocked full of active players of any level.


No limit to the amount of clans interested. We will take small, large, or can just kinda hangout if our alliance isn't for you!!


Not really even sure if any of this is exciting to anyone but if you're interested my psn is erickanimal.

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