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Login Trouble?


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i wasnt sure where to post this so i guessed that feedback would be fine, since im giving you my feedback about some wierdness i had with login.

I entered my login info as usual and it said login failed, check your info, even though i had entered it correctly

so i went to the website, changed my password and still didnt work.

so THEN i went to the forums to look for help, i was logged in but when i went to the forums i wasn't logged in, so i clicked log in, but when i did it said i was already logged in.

i know, right?

the solution was to go to the main site, log out then relog. that seemed to even fix the issue i was having logging into the game itself, which seems wierd.

even then, my extractors are pending all the time so im not sure about that.

Anyways, thats that, i thought the community might get a kick out of it or something.

just gotta share my problems so you can know about them and all that good stuff.



Ok so the relogging the forum thing didnt fix my game, for some reason my game just doesnt want me to login, i managed to login once, collect my extractors and attemt to replace them but it said they were pending the whole time, i logged out and cant log back in again. Serverside issue? who knows.

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I haven't been able to log in for a week now. I've tried changing my password, lookiing at the firewall settings, router settings, port settings, restarting everything, contacted support which told me to do everything I had already done.

I even connected my computer by ether cable to the modem to bypass the router, just in case that was where the problem was located.

Nothing changed, I still can't log in.

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hmm. ive had this before but i just waited and the problem fixed itself but this time its back and more prominent.

by prominent i mean its not going away :/

hope you get your problem sorted out, mine seems to have magically fixed itself again.

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