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Wts To Claim Warframe And Weapons (Malicius Raptor,crossing Snakes Etc)

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wts all this


prime parts/blueprints


-akbronco prime bp

-bronco prime bp

-anykyros prime gauntlet

-bo prime ornament

-boar prime bp

-boltor prime barrel

-boltor prime stock

-burston prime barrel

-burston prime receiver

-ember prime helmet

-fang prime blade

-fang prime bp

-frost prime bp

-glaive prime disc

-glaive prime blade

-lex prime barrel

-mag prime bp

-rhino prime systems

-sicarus prime barrel

-sicarus prime bp



-brutal tide

-coiling viper

-crossing snakes

-malicius raptor

-enemy radar 


-malignant force

-metal auger

-seeking force

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