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Greetings Tenno


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I am knowned as unit104.  I played this game for a while and loved the parkour, weapons, and enemies (I've done my homework :D).  although slightly experienced, I am still new at this game so any help will be acceptable.  At Warframe forums, I may make suggestions on tilesets, interactive objects/rooms, alliances (I'm not talking about clan alliances), and other topics relating to the lore of Warframe.  DE, I apologize if you think some topic may be crititizing your work at the game, but I'll I do not crititize people.  I am now a rank 30 loki with a recently made clan called "The Arrival".  I also in favor of the Grineer because the Corpus dissect and kills our brothers and sisters, while the Twin Queens instructed the Grineer that the Tenno must not wake up (which I find a futile attempt).  So I thank all that joins my clan or helps the team out in missions.  this is unit104, signing out.  static*

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