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Bladestorm + Power Range Mods



How do range mods exactly affect Bladestorm ?


Do they affect only circle (I assume this is what wiki calls AoE) in which mobs will be marked, or the max number of mobs that can be marked, or both ?


I just started playing as Ash and am in need of some guidance as to which mods will be best suited for him.

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it increases the possible distance between the first target and the last, the aoe, but bladestorm is "binded" to 1 or 2 tileset of distance, which means that if you use bladestorm in one room, it won't affect enemies in another room, unless you are using it in between 2 rooms (near a door)



range mods on ash are useful only when you are playing a defense or interception (i'm talking about overxtended of course) because you have a single large tile and some minor spawns around it



anyway, the wiki has anwers, give it a try http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki

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Thanks for the reply, just one more question as I can't see any info on it on Wiki.


What about maximum number of "marked" mobs ? Is it everyone in the XX meter radius or is it capped ?

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