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"the Shadows" Alert/event New Faction


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what will happen/story

tenno have been entering strange ships that have appeared near earth these tenno have not been seen since. the lotus sends you and some fellow tenno in to investigate when you enter the ship there will be dead tenno scattered around  the ship who seem to have died fighting each other. you will sometimes hear a dark whisper telling you things like " this is only the beginning  " and " the time is overdue" you will encounter tenno who will attack you after killing them you will see a faint mist leave there body.



there will be multiple rewards which very from warframe bp and parts to primes parts



The shadows

nothing is know about these creatures except they have been here since the beginning of time they have no physical from and can only take on a physical from if someone will allow them to use there body. they come from a place called the wall which is the space between spaces


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