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Hi Warframe Support,


One of the things that attracts me to playing Warframe consistently is that it's a quick, easy way to unwind.


If I only have around 35 minutes to put into the game, I know I can jump on and complete a few things before having to move on with the day.


One of the things that deters me from playing Warframe is that there is no significantly easy matchmaking system set up.


What I was thinking that may make things a lot easier, is if a matchmaking system was put in on the Starmap or in the Main Menu, where you can see who is looking for a group, and what group they are looking for.


Typing /w <player name> "I'll join!" can get pretty tedious, and sometimes it can be very difficult to reply to multiple personal messages notifying players that your group is full so they can start looking for another.


Also, the Recruitment Chat only allows 1 message every 120 seconds, and it can take a while to let people know that you are looking for a few more people.



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