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Shield mods work multiplicativly (holy cow that word, hope i spelled it right) meaning if you have 100 shields, then add 100% then you have 200 shields, if you add another 100%, you get to 400 shields (+100% of what you got with the other mods).

So the more shield mods you use, the stronger they get with each other.

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Go try it yourself and you will see it is possible. I have x2 70% x2 69% x1 68% x2 65% x1 64% Shield Capacity

With those numbers, and 200 base shield, I get 12,382 points of shield. Had you taken damage?

Incidentally, the maximum possible is 17,439; that's 8 +70% shield mods, and 250 base shields. It'll take 4.8 hours to recharge from zero, at a rate of one shield point per second, though I think the actual shield regeneration rate is somewhat better than that.

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