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Spawning as Excalibur and then Evolution Engine Crash


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I recently started to play with other people online heavily to take down the jackal. I've found then in some games when i spawn I end up being in the excalibur frame with no skills set in, standerd hp values and a bronco equiped but cant really do anything(shoot, slice, but can walk). After a bit of time I am randomly teleported soemwhere in the map as my normal warframe (I'm a loki). After this happened the second time the evolution engine crashed with this message under details.:

Assert in BaseClientFramework::LeaveLobby(): (mServer->IsLobby() || mClient->IsInLobby()) [baseClientFramework.cpp:235] in 00000001400247CE() [????????.???:0]

C:\Users\Elon\AppData\Local\Warframe\Crashes/2013.\EE.cfg is your Evolution config file.

C:\Users\Elon\AppData\Local\Warframe\Crashes/2013.\Editor.cfg is your Darkitect config file.

C:\Users\Elon\AppData\Local\Warframe\Crashes/2013.\EE.dmp is a mini-dump of Warframe's memory space.

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