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Deadly S.i.n Clan (Recruitment For New Members)


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Deadly S.I.N is looking for members to join us. We are currently a ghost clan however we are gaining strength will little to no outside help. We take care of our own. We look out for each other. We understand that members have real jobs and can work or play at any time so you need to be flexible more so you need to be able reach the next level and gain strength when members are not available. Dont worry or panic my generals are willing to help kick a** at a moments notice.




Mature members (We joke a lot. Develop a thick skin)

Be able to contribute when needed



I have invested my time and credits into the dojo. All dojos are the same and my dojo is subject to change when I feel like it. I am not selling you hype but I am selling support. Join us.


Feel free to contact us on PS4


Bear1_5 (Warlord) Contact me in game or PSN (Playstation App on cellphone)

Wrath58 (General)

Phokus410 (General)

Sam0128 (General)


Feel free to bookmark or follow this forum!!!

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